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by shooterike
Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:54 pm
Forum: MG34 General Discussion
Topic: Check your MG34 "booster cone" ...a possible warni
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Re: Check your MG34 "booster cone" ...a possible warni

When using full power 7.9mm (8mm) ammo you should check the booster cone. The WW2 German soldier method was to slide a regular 7.9 x 57mm cartridge into the small diameter end it should go past the shoulder and it should stop somewhere before the rim. If it totally falls through, the MG 34 will not ...
by shooterike
Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:36 pm
Forum: MG34 General Discussion
Topic: Replacing MG34 bolt rollers
Replies: 6
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Re: Replacing MG34 bolt rollers

Removing MG34 bolt rollers is no problem at all with the right tool. With the special pliers shown (dot proofed) just place the jaws over the roller. The tool will automatically align the roller and press gently. The roller generally comes off with unreal ease.
by shooterike
Sun May 31, 2015 2:47 pm
Forum: MG34 Accessories
Topic: How Does The Mgz34 Collimator work?
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Re: How Does The Mgz34 Collimator work?

The collimator's main usefulness is in two areas: (1) As a rough sight in getting the main sight aligned in the general target area. (2) As a SAFETY in FIRING OVER THE HEADS OF FRIENDLY TROOPS! Set the lafette controls on the target, then modify as per the firing tables for firing over the heads of ...
by shooterike
Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:31 pm
Forum: Wanted
Topic: WTB MG3 mount
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Re: WTB MG3 mount

I have a German MG 3 tripod (lafette or infantry type), excellent, in original box! With optic sight. English version of the German army book for the mount. Optic mount for lafette to use A/N TVS2 night vision scope for this also available!
by shooterike
Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:47 am
Forum: MG34 General Discussion
Topic: MG34 firing pin replacement
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Re: MG34 firing pin replacement

The normal MG34 firing pin is one piece. What is pictured is a firing pin tip made up by a waffenmeister to replace the broken or worn one on an otherwise good firing pin. The standard proceedure would have been simply replace the firing pin, but this was not always possible a thousand klicks into t...

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