Flash Hider Latch Lever WW2 & German

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Flash Hider Latch Lever WW2 & German

Postby 42rocker » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:54 pm

Flash Hider Latch Lever WW2 & German
For Sale Flash Hider Latch Lever WW2 & German. I'm listing 3 of them, 2 are WW2 (brp PJ) and the other is post war German.
Note all parts are used. 2 of them were in WW2.

Group pics.
mg 001 003.jpg

mg 001 003 2.jpg

MG42 - 001 Post WW2 German with part number S-114-23290 $9.00 & $3.00 S&H
mg 001 detail.jpg

MG42 - 002 WW2 German Clearly marked brp and then PJ $20.00 & $4.00 S&H
mg 002 detail.jpg

MG42 - 003 WW2 German Clearly marked brp and then PJ $20.00 & $4.00 S&H
mg 003 detail.jpg

Also see pics as the one you pick and will be the one I'll ship.

Payment -- Yes, I want to get paid. LOL. I'll take paypal, check (held 3 days), postal money order, No Cash unless FTF.
Yes, you can save S&H with pick up at one of the gun shows that I go to or one of the builders and belt fed shoots that I host. Message me for show or shoot info.
If you want more than 1 then I'll reduce S&H, S&H for one and then add $1.00 for each other item that you want to buy.
US sales only.
I'll be posting a lot of other German MG42 and yugo M53 parts up for sale as I get the chance. If you want to ask me for something that you are looking for please

private message me and I'll try to get back with you asap with a pic and pricing.

First post in this thread in this thread gets it and please follow up with a pm to me. Thanks
Note if you want to stay private then private message me and in that case it goes by date stamping.

Later 42rocker

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