1944 German Weapon and Shooting Technical Book in English

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1944 German Weapon and Shooting Technical Book in English

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WAFFEN UND SCHIESSTECHNISCHER LEITFADEN FÜR DIE ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI - Weapons and Shooting Technical Guide for the Order Police. The 1944 edition of the German Police Weapon and Shooting Technical Guide (Leitfaden - pronounced LITE-Fawden) is now fully translated and in print. This book is now 700 pages of English, in hard-cover format, 6" x 9" with over 400 illustrations, and over 2" (5 cm) thick. This is a top quality book, printed on paper that is heavier than usual to keep what's printed on the back side of the sheet from bleeding through. The Table of Contents (10 pages, plus the first 10 pages of the book) are in a PDF file linked below.
There is so much information in this book that showing a few individual pages just doesn't do it justice. 3 of the 12 color illustrations are also listed below. I spent a year working on this book. Be sure to read the table of contents to see what this book covers. While this book was published in 1944 for the German Order Police, the weapon and shooting technical information in it is useful to everyone interested in the German techniques for shooting and the weaponry common to the Order Police, and also includes information on the MG42, MG34, Luger, P-38, earlier MPs and the MP38/40, and several of the smaller pistols common to the Order Police in those days. There is no other book or combination of other books that compares to this volume.
The first and second editions of the Leitfaden were published in 1940 and were practically identical; the third, corrected and expanded edition, was published in 1941; the fourth, also a later corrected and again expanded edition, was published in 1943; and the last and most complete edition, the fifth (this translation), again corrected and expanded even further, was published in 1944.
Even when the books had the same page count, they were still expanded by using smaller type to get more information in each book. Many pages of the printing in the 1944 edition were in 8 point type (a point is 1/72 of an inch); average type size for a book is 12 point. I had to scan each page and zoom in on my screen to be able to read it (my eyes aren't 35 years old anymore), but it is all printed at a much easier to read type size.
The cost of getting books printed has increased dramatically in the last couple years. This book is not inexpensive, but it is well worth the price. A book dealer told me this book should sell for $160 + postage, based on its size and cost to print. Cutting the price meant cutting the profit, so I'm underpriced with it by the industry standards. This book will not be sold on Amazon, by the other dealers who sell my manuals, or elsewhere, only on here, www.GermanManuals.com, and at reenactments and shows that I attend.

The standard rate an author gets for writing a book is 10% of the selling price. Everyone else (printer, distributor, seller) takes the remainder. I'm not doing that. Some places (collector book publishers) pay the authors by giving them books to sell in order to get their money for writing it. I translated it, set it for printing, paid to get it printed, and I'm selling it.

Please reference "Leitfaden" on your order.
$135– includes U.S. priority mail. For foreign orders, place contact me for the extra postage cost.

Table of contents plus the first 20 pages of the book:

John@German<remove this>Manuals.com

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