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WTB: MG42 Parts......

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 7:44 am
by Blanksguy
As the title says......I am looking for the below listed 8x57mm MG42 a "lot-sale", or as an MG42 Parts-Kit.

1: Booster-Assembly (Flash-Hider/Booster-Cup/Barrel-Bearing) .... non-.308 parts.
2: Top-Cover Mounting-Pin.
3: Trigger-Group Mounting-Pin-Assembly (Prefer the two-pcs. set like on the MG34).
4: Buttstock with correct Buffer as a set so the mounting-threads match. (Prefer non-Yugo parts....but what do you have-?).
5: WWII marked German Bipod......prefer the adjustable type w/outside leg-reinforcements.

Let me know what you have for sale, condition, and price(s) to include shipping to me in Michigan 48706,

On these parts, I would prefer WWII German marked parts......but seeing what's available.....and prices.
If selling as a parts-kit, I do not need another DEMILed receiver, barrels, bolts, etc.......mostly just the parts just listed above.
I will need clear photos of what you have for condition and completeness.

TIA, RichardS
US Army, RET

Re: WTB: MG42 Parts......

Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2022 10:14 pm
by Blanksguy
I have the bipod just looking for the other parts.

TIA, RichardS
US Army, RET