Cheap ZF Scopes?

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Cheap ZF Scopes?

Post by Demontrooper » Mon Apr 16, 2007 2:42 am

Hey guys!

I would love to put a ZF scope on my k98 or my MP44, but these damned things cost more then the guns! So where can I find original zf scopes (any model). And also, are there any post war military or modern scopes that are similar enough to the German ones? Same question applies to scope mounts.

Also, I guess we can discuss alternatives to Russian PU scopes too (and I know they do not cost that much, but still....).

And the aim of this question is to find scopes cheaper then the real or original ones.... (because I work minimum wage ha ha).

Artie in Miami


Post by Artie in Miami » Fri May 18, 2007 3:45 pm

SArco used to make ( maybe still do..or have some left) repro ZF-4 mounts that were tough to tell from the real deal (unless you are a sniper rifle buff). Email and ask dave...he will know. Lots of the mounts you see on ebay started out at SArco !! (being sold as original) Also some of the Eastern block countries made the mounts...there were more scopes than mounts at the end of the war (it seems). A man sold me a ZF41 scope and mount (orig ww2) for $100 about a year ago...I had to email him back, as I thought a zero was missing ($1,000)...but he said no, he paid $50 for it and wanted $100. I ran to the post office to get the money order on the way. He also sold me a 100% original SS belt buckle (no belt) for $60...I wish he had more stuff.

Try Sarco on that.

artie in miami

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