Worn ejector bar

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Worn ejector bar

Post by schmisser » Sat Jul 18, 2020 11:39 am

Can a worn ejector bar cause a live round to stick on the bolt head and fail to eject? I pulled my cock ING handle to the rear and a live round was stuck on the bolt head. Very small mushroom off the metal on the tip. Barely visible in the pic!

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Re: Worn ejector bar

Post by JBaum » Sat Jul 18, 2020 3:50 pm

A cartridge will stay hooked on the ejector if the bolt isn't pulled fully to the rear, so that the bolt housing ejector button hits on the buffer. An ejector bar would really have to be badly worn or bent to cause the cartridge not to eject when the button hits the buffer. Try it again and be sure to pull the bolt fully rearward and see if the cartridge sticks again.

If the ejector bar is worn, it can fall down inside the bolt housing when the bolt is forward and locked to a barrel, and there's no way to get the bolt to pull back without drilling out the feed roller by removing the grip and putting the gun in a drill press, to drill off the mushroomed stud that is visible on the bottom side of the bolt housing at the rear. Then you drive out the feed roller and tilt the muzzle up to get the ejector bar to fall out the back. Then you can get the bolt to pull back and unlock from the barrel extension. After that, you throw the bolt housing away and buy another one.

If the ejector bar is worn, replace it before you have to replace the bolt housing.
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