www.1919A4.com refugees here!

Just about anything goes but no MG42 or MG34 talk.
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Waiting for my M53 Yugo set to arrrive!
BTW-That same old long winded opinionated boring BS is starting over on 1919A4 again -same people!
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yes i see that, best just to avoid it :?
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I built a 1919 and am now on to an MG42.

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1919dummie here. After my big rant about yall's leaving and before anyone says" those who live in glass houses" let me say it WASN'T the bickering bull sh*t, that has drove me away. It is the constant censorship I'm fed up with.

With that said, I'll probaly never build a MG42. But will lurk here absorbing the wisdom of you great ones. So, if someone can point me in the direction of the O/T forum, thats where I'll be.

Also, can I change the background colors?

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Hey guys I'm in now!!!!!!!!!! :D Nice to see so many familiar names!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello EZFEED. It's great to have you on this website. Your semi-auto designs are well known on Weaponeer.net
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Hey EZ! Good to see ya!

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Thanks for the welcome guys! Sheiiiiit I don't think anything I do is known but I like to help if that counts. Haven't had time for much for at least a couple years now.

I don't have my 42 finished all the way cosmetically yet and I still have one more to do. It'll probably be a while till I finish it cause of work :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: but I'd still like to hang out with yall on this topic and chit chat :D

Has anyone deviated from BRP's design yet?

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta give a standing ovation to Pirate!

Dude,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your rewelding jig is ingenous and outstanding! I would have never thought of such a thing!

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Do you mind if I use your idea and make a copy for another prioject?

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Yeehaw...the wife is ganna kill me coming over here to start anew project. She thinks my 1919 takes up too much space as it is.

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Hello All

I am here too!
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I finally signed up, now that the 1919a4 site is firewalled at work as it gets filtered as "Weapons" I need another home for 8 hours LOL. Yes, I work for Uncle Sugar, I can't access sites that have "weapons" now that is just sad.

Maybe if they changed the words so they filter as: steel eye candy, or toys, then I might get to spend more time with the other sites.

I am enjoying this new home!

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I'm in the process of a build if the weaponeer GB for the M53 kit would ever close. Pirate is waiting on my grip and bolt!

For an extra $20 I should just buy one from Centerfire systems. Argghhh! I'm so impatient!

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Me too.....

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Bunch of us are here, I just don't quite understand this. Most of the 1919's I shoot are in 8mm but the MG42 ?? kit I bought turns out to be in 7.62mm. What's up with this?? Lon


Yep, hanging here also. Just what I needed, a new addiction :mrgreen:

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Just found this thread SOOOO I'm a 1919 refugee to and seen as this thread exists I'll have to sign in too
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I'm here too and still playing with Brownings

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swilson got me the MG42 bug when I traded him an Armscorp M14 for his unfinished SA42 kit. The SA42 is a fun gun to shoot. So are the Brownings!! ( Building three more Brownings, Izzy 7.62, Canadian C5A1, and Browning M1917A1) Also have Russian Maxim in the wings when the semi-auto design gets approved. I got it beltfed bug bad!!

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Me too. On advice form Pirate on Gunco to 1919a4 and now here. Guess he is a bad influence.
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Re: www.1919A4.com refugees here!

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well ther goes my home at the 1919 cite i gusse i can settle in here for awhile. i have a allied armament 1919A4 with ther wonderful A6 kit which just is made to look cool cause i converted a MG3 tripod and the 1919 is on that. i am currently making some 500rd cloth belts at the testile plant of ours. anyhow i had a MG42 kit with receivers but sold it for $1200 on gunbroker. i am currently trying to get 2 MG34 kits i dont know if the deal wil go through lets hope so. i will have one built and i will keep the other. so that why im here now 1919 is down i also went back to gunboards but this is a nice forum i think ill stay
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